Escola Eleva


At Escola Eleva in Brazil, we recently completed an exciting project focused on designing and building innovative playgrounds for children. Our aim was to create vibrant and engaging spaces that foster creativity, physical activity, and social interaction among students. The project involved extensive collaboration between educators, architects, and the school community to ensure the playgrounds met the needs and interests of the children. We incorporated sustainable materials and modern safety standards, resulting in playgrounds that are not only fun and stimulating but also environmentally friendly and safe. This initiative has greatly enhanced the overall learning environment, providing students with enjoyable and dynamic outdoor spaces.

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Arq. Adele Colón-Lefranc

CEO of ACL Projects and an architect by profession, she has dedicated many years of her life to specialize in playgrounds and waterparks to develop and undertake to be the leading company in the Caribbean in developing the best Play projects. ACL Projects is undoubtedly a leading playground equipment company in the Caribbean. Under his leadership, ACL Projects has been characterized as a company that seeks to be an example of creativity, imagination and of course with a high degree of professionalism, quality and demand.